Institute for Information Systems and Software Technology


According to the motto "Science to business" the Institute for Information Systems and Software Engineering (IFIS) offers scientific and technical know-how for successful planning and realization of modern information systems to both regional and international companies.


The IFIS institute was founded in the year 2000 in the course of the Bavarian Government's High-Tech Campaign as a unit of the Passau University. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Burkhard Freitag the institute intends to serve as a link between science and business.

The close bond to Prof. Freitag's Chair for Information Management facilitates an extensive interchange of knowledge, and along with this, an ideal interaction between theory, latest scientific research and its practical implementation.

Service Offer

The wide range of services offered by IFIS includes the conception, implementation and evaluation of software systems, the issue of expert opinions and feasibility studies, as well as continuing professional development possibilities.

Areas of Expertise

Technically the IFIS concentrates especially on information and knowledge mangagement, e-learning, workflow management as well as internet and intranet based information systems.

Along with conceptual work, the development of software tools and solutions plays a major role in the Institute.